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Knitted Geometric Single Tone Leggings

Introduce a stylish pop in modern fashion to your daily workout routines with our Knitted Geometric Single Tone Leggings!

These leggings combine our premium grade polyester and spandex material that will keep you cool throughout your workout so you don't overheat.

You can pick from several different single tone color options, each offering their own modern appeal that will definitely turn some heads.

You can wear these leggings when you go to the gym to help speed up the fat loss process while also shaping your glutes and legs with more muscle tone and less cellulite!


  • Comes in several single tones color options
  • Unique webbed design that adds a more modern appeal
  • Made with a premium polyester and spandex material
  • Makes a great gift for any friend or loved one dedicated to fitness
Elevate your gym look with our Knitted Geometric Single Tone Leggings and order yours online today!