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Spray Paint & Striped Single Tone Leggings

Showcase your classy side while working out with something new and refreshing in our Spray Paint & Stripe Single Tone Leggings!

Now you can double the confidence you feel at the gym, going for a run, or doing your home pilates workout.  No matter where you are, these leggings elevate egos so get used to it!

A spray-painted design details the bottom of the leggings with a subtle double stripe near the thigh for the finishing touches of elegance that takes this look to the next level.


  • Made with a premium quality spandex and acrylic material
  • High-waisted printed fabric
  • A stunning spray painted design with a double stripe at the thigh
  • Available in multiple different color options

Make your gym look pop with our Spray Paint & Striped Single Tone Leggings and order yours online today!