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About Us

LegginX Store – Quality leggings that distinguish you in a crowd of legging wearer.

We are an award-winning legging designer that is committed to delivering uncompromising and superior products that provide unbelievable leggings for the everyday woman.

Who are we?

LegginX Store is a leggings store offering high-quality lower-body fashionable pieces that are affordable, stylish, and expressive allowing women to confidently focus on their activity instead of on what they are wearing.

As a US-based company, we started our store after the demand for our unique designs, the comfort of the material, and growth went beyond our living room space (Lol).

As an upcoming online store, we want to distinguish LegginX Store not only as a store where you can buy your favorite design, but where you are satisfied at every click of the buy button.

Why LegginX Store?

We have over the years paid mounts for leggings from well-known brands that ended up spoils after a couple of wears or washes. 

While we are competing with the best brands on the market, we are proud to announce that our leggings are made with materials that will stay down and in place regardless of your movement, especially during a fitness/workout routine.

If you are like us who find it hard to get the right material, design, style, and quality of leggings online, welcome again to https://leggingx.store now.

LegginX Store has met with top designers and fabric producers to handpick materials that will ensure our products stand out in a crowd. We also work with creative minds in 3D printing some of our leggings with custom message and graffiti that expresses the woman of today.

Our products are designed based on the requests and demands of our customers. We have built a team that will translate your thoughts onto fabrics making sure you look good at an affordable price.

Why we chose fitness and workout leggings?

We can't stop emphasizing the importance of leggings in a woman’s life. They are that essential piece that complements everything in your wardrobe.

Leggings are becoming a must-have for a woman pursuing a life in health and fitness.

However, not all leggings are built to endure the rigorous workout and fitness sessions; most leggings start to loosen at the seams, lose their shape or shrink after washing or not have the affinity to tolerate sweat making workout uncomfortable.

LegginX Store has taken all these lapses that women encounter and developed a fitness/workout legging that offers the best workout experience but also retains its shape, looks, and texture ready for another day at the gym or the road.

Although we sell other leggings for regular activity other than excising, we have undeniable the best workout leggings ready for all occasions that look lovely on your even when you are not going for a workout.

Our Mission

We want to empower and be a source of inspiration for women across the globe to love their bodies by being fashionable and sexy in whatever they choose to wear.

Leggings are a fashion piece that most women don’t know how to wear, LegginX store is changing the narrative by offering uniquely designed pieces that express who you are without compromising on your morals, style, and passion for decency.

Now you can have leggings that you are comfortable in with products that are above average standards for you.

Our Vision

Our vision or goal is to build a world with unlimited access to high quality and unique leggings for women. We also aim to make leggings a piece that can be worn daily by all women. So whether you are wearing it to the mall, a party, or to a workout, LegginX store will have something created for you.

Why are we different?

We are creating leggings that offer solutions to every woman

Our leggings get the thumbs up from women who will wear them before it comes to our online store. We celebrate all women’s bodies and make leggings in all sizes and body contours.

LegginX Store Promise

 We understand how women feel when the right material or outfit doesn’t deliver comfort, style, and feeling they expected. With that, LegginX store is making this promise that all leggings on our online store with our tag will be of high-quality, beautiful textures, and affordable.

Our dream will never be possible without you, so while we value all your input and requests, LegginX is open to hear and handle all your complaints or request to make the brand and product better for you.